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Calls to oust Biden grow, French leftist coalition wins, Beryl heads to Texas: Weekend Rundown

Additional Democrats call on Biden to step down

Four other House Democrats told their legislative colleagues during a phone call that He believes President Joe Biden should step down The move is designed to allow someone else to become the party's presidential nominee, according to multiple people who were on the call and familiar with the discussions.

The House Democrats who said Biden should drop out of the race were Adam Smith of Washington, Jerry Nadler of New York, Mark Takano of California and Joe Morelle of New York.

On Friday, Biden continued to control the debate damage in an interview on ABC News and try to convince Democrats that he is the best candidate to defeat former President Donald Trump. But behind the scenes, The interview did not bring any significant relief apprehension Hill Democrats worry that his candidacy is beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Biden's family has sought to become more involved in his campaign and White House affairs as his anger toward his staff has become increasingly public. Disagreements between Biden's family and some of his closest aides have long simmered, and his debate performance has only exacerbated that dynamic. 13 sources familiar with the developments told NBC News,

One person close to Biden said his family is unable to see political reality clearly. “It's like Shakespeare,” the person said.

France's left-wing coalition keeps the right at bay

Emmanuel Macron leaving a polling station
Emmanuel Macron at a polling station in the south of France on Sunday.Jesse Milhet/Hans Lukas/AFP – Getty Images

France's centrist and leftist parties in a tense coalition kept the far-right National Rally party awayAccording to exit polls, a group of left-wing parties is projected to finish first, while President Emmanuel Macron's centrist coalition is projected to come in second. Polling agencies suggest that the National Rally, known in France as the RN, is set to come in third, despite winning the first round of voting last weekend and receiving the most votes among parties.

Voter turnout was the highest in decades at 67.1%, and official results are expected on Monday morning. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who leads Macron's centrist coalition, announced on Sunday that he would submit his resignation on Monday morning.

However, no single faction appears to be coming close to winning an absolute majority. Without a ruling parliamentary majority, the French government, now composed of rival parties with deep ideological differences and without a clear center of power, could be mired in political deadlock that could make it difficult to pass new legislation.

Beryl to hit Texas as a hurricane

Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to hit the northern coast of the United States. A storm hit the Texas coast Monday morning. It is expected to produce “life-threatening” storm surges and destructive winds, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical storm force winds are expected to reach the Texas coast Sunday night. The storm is expected to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane by morning. Flash flooding is also possible in interior and eastern parts of the state by Monday night.

Tropical Storm Beryl is heading toward Texas.
Tropical Storm Beryl is heading toward Texas.NOAA

You can find a live tracker of Tropical Storm Beryl as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas here Here,

meet the Press

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said President Joe Biden should think deeply about whether he will stay in the race as the Democratic Party's nominee and should approach people's opinions with “some distance and objectivity.”

When asked about the survey, it was revealed Vice President Kamala Harris overtook former President Donald Trump Schiff said he thinks she would be a “phenomenal president” if she replaced Biden.

Schiff acknowledged Biden's poor performance, but said Biden's age is the only reason the race is so close. “He should be in the thick of the field with Donald Trump. Joe Biden is running against a criminal. It shouldn't even be that close. And there's only one reason for that,” he said.

You can watch the full interview Here,

Politics in a nutshell

Trump on defense: Trump hopes that the Supreme Court's recent decision in his election interference case will prove him vindicated. It will help to challenge the case in their classified documents case in Florida.

Delay accepted: US District Judge Eileen Cannon granted Trump's request for further briefing on presidential immunity and other issues. Delays within certain time frames In the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.

No calls yet: Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, said Trump has not spoken to him about joining his campaign because of his Vice Presidential Election,

advance notice: two radio hosts Biden campaign aides ask questions He was asked this in recent interviews.

Is solar energy too much?

California has cut incentives for rooftop solar power as the state struggles to reduce excess power supply.
In this aerial view on April 25, vehicles park under solar panels in the parking lot of the College of Marin in Kentfield, California.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images file

As California works toward its ambitious clean energy vision, an almost paradoxical challenge has emerged: The state, at times, Generating more solar power than you can affordIt has happened to such an extent that a large part of the clean energy is getting wasted.

“We get into certain times of the year, particularly in the spring, when the demand for power isn't as high yet,” said Elliot Mainzer, CEO of California's Independent System Operator, which manages 80% of the state's electricity flow. “In some of the extreme situations, we actually have to cut it down and shut it down.”

So far this year, the state has lost about 2.6 million megawatt hours of renewable energy — most of it solar — enough to power all of San Francisco’s homes for a year, according to data from the Independent System Operator.

Minnesota Vikings rookie dies in car accident

minnesota vikings Freshman cornerback Khyri Jackson was among the three killed He was 24 when another vehicle struck his car, Maryland police said.

The crash happened when the driver of a northbound car tried to change lanes, police said in a news release. The driver was “driving at a high rate of speed,” police said, hitting Jackson's car and then another car. The force of the impact caused the car Jackson was in to leave the road and hit several tree trunks before coming to a stop.

Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell said that “Khari brought an infectious energy to our establishment and our team” and that he was “absolutely devastated” by the news.

She works seven days a week to earn about half her pre-pandemic salary

Becky Melvin and her sons Hayden and Hudson.
Becky Melvin and her sons Hayden and Hudson.Courtesy: Becky Melvin

Becky Melvin was fired from a nearly six-figure PR job in 2019. Since then, she's worked seven days a week for delivery apps — often up to 12 hours a day.

She says her life could be worse, but what she earns is what she calls “money to survive.” Melvin says her base salary isn't enough to sustain her, so she relies heavily on gratuity, which doesn't always work out – especially when customers who seem capable of tipping don't.

“It feels bad to show up to a house that's worth seven figures, and I just made a $248 Target order, I used my car, I put in my time, I delivered it to you, and two hours later you still haven't tipped me.”

This is part of NBC News' Checkbook Chronicles. Series of profiles Thrown light on The financial realities of ordinary Americans,

Want to escape the heat by vacationing in Florida?

Suitcase, sunglasses and passport locked in a block of melting ice.
Domenic Fini/NBC News

As the climate crisis causes temperatures to rise, some popular destinations are extending peak season periods and cooler places are seeing a surge in demand in the summer. Even some hotels are continuing to book summer holidays. Florida, which is no exception to the extreme heat, Experience spikeS In booking Last summer, people came here from all over the Northeast and Texas.

A boutique hotel in Delray Beach expected “particularly low” bookings last month, but instead reported a 112% increase over last year. The beach is also warm, but visitors “can at least enjoy the sea breeze and access to the beach and the refreshing pool,” said Kathy Balestrieri, manager of Crane's Beach House.

The heat is causing many tourists to reconsider where to go in the summer. “If I can get out of Dallas, Alaska would be great,” said a Texas-based marketing consultant.

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