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Backstage with music superstar Pink | 60 Minutes

This week, 60 Minutes met Pink, the powerful voice behind party anthems like “So What” and “Get the Party Started.” The pop superstar broke attendance records last year on a massive world tour.

60 Minutes correspondent Cecilia Vega was in the crowd at the tour's final stop, Pink's hometown of Philadelphia.

“When you say 'concert,' it doesn't really describe Pink's performance,” Vega told 60 Minutes Overtime. “It's Broadway. It's rock. It's Cirque du Soleil, it's flipping and acrobatics. It's really amazing singing. It's a spectacle.”

During one portion of this high-energy show, Pink is suspended high above the stage, spinning and wrapping herself in silk ropes until she is completely upside down, yet continues to sing. And there is no safety net.

“She's a woman who has trained in gymnastics since she was a child, and that all comes through in her concerts,” Vega told 60 Minutes Overtime.

60 Minutes visited the singer's California home to see how she trains for this awe-inspiring aerial performance.

Along with her aerialist instructor Drea Weber and aerialist partner Khasan Brailsford, Pink practiced and perfected her show's moves on a large metal structure with ropes hanging from the center.

Pink credits coach Weber for a change in her pre-show routine: She doesn't drink alcohol before she takes the stage.

Pink recalled that when he began adding aerial performances to his shows, Weber told him, “You can never, ever, ever, think about what you're doing, and just respect the art of it.”

Pink invited Vega and the 60 Minutes team backstage after her concert in Philadelphia so they could watch her take a plunge into the cold water, which was a post-show routine on many nights. As she dove into the icy water, she groaned and gritted her teeth, prompting Vega to ask why she did it.

The singer responded, “You don't wake up with pain. You feel the pain when you're in it.”

Pink's now 13-year-old daughter Willow then jumped in and broke her mother's record of six minutes and seven seconds. Willow challenged her father and Pink's husband, motocross star Carey Hart, to also jump in. He was neck-deep in water but got out in less than ten seconds.

“This motocross star, who is a renowned daredevil, can't do anything compared to what his daughter does,” Vega said.

The video above was produced by Will Croxton and Britt McCandless Farmer. It was edited by Will Croxton.

Video of Pink concert courtesy of Charlie Alves


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