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A top House Republican requested an interview with Biden's physician

WASHINGTON — The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee requested Sunday that President Joe Biden's physician appear for a written interview about his medical evaluation of the president.

Chairman James Comer, R-KY, said in a letter to Dr. Kevin O'Connor that he also tried to link the doctor to a series of inquiries he made about the businesses of Biden's relatives. Comer, a prominent critic of the president, has for months led efforts in a Republican-led impeachment inquiry against Biden that has proven fruitless. Republicans have produced no evidence that Biden was involved in any criminal action despite repeated claims to the contrary.

In the letter, Comer pointed to Biden's response on Friday to a question from ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos about whether the president would be willing to undergo cognitive testing.

“I take a cognitive test every day,” Biden replied. “Every day I take that test. Everything I do gets tested.”

“You have repeatedly declined the majority of the media's interview requests, and now the Committee is contacting you for answers regarding your independence given the mixed and confusing messages coming from the White House regarding the President's ability to do his job,” Comer said in the letter.

The letter also pointed to initial conflicting reports about whether Biden had undergone any medical tests following his routine physical in February.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Wednesday that Biden had not undergone a medical examination since February. According to sources, Biden told a group of governors a few hours later that he had been examined by a doctor after the debate. He also said that everything was fine.

“Statements from the White House press secretary and President Biden appear to be inconsistent, and the committee wants to understand the extent of your role in the White House at this time,” Comer said. “Given your relationship with the Biden family, the committee also wants to understand whether you are in a position to provide an accurate and independent review of the president's fitness to serve.”

Comer also requested in the letter that O’Connor provide documents and communications related to the president’s brother, James Biden, and a company that the president has long attempted to link to the Biden family’s financial conduct.

The chairman requested O’Connor to contact staff by July 14 to schedule an interview.

A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday evening.

O'Connor was brought on to serve as the president's physician just days after Biden was sworn in. She began serving as Biden's physician in 2009.

After Biden's routine physical in February, O'Connor said in an assessment that the president “fully performs all of his responsibilities without exemptions or adjustments.”


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